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PRESS RELEASE: Candlewood Valley Health & Rehabilitation Expands Respiratory Services for Pulmonology and Tracheostomy Patients

New Milford, CT: Candlewood Valley Health and Rehabilitation (C.V.H.R.) proudly announces its partnership with Respiratory Services, LLC and its new capabilities in treating patients with complex pulmonology disease, including those with tracheostomies.

“AirVo is a device we use that has revolutionized the treatment of respiratory patients,” said Anthony Russo of Respiratory Services, LLC., “it’s unique high-flow system delivers heated and humidified respiratory gases to match those of the patient’s inspiration flow demands. Our company has expanded the system to skilled nursing facilities throughout Westchester, Putnam, Orange counties. With this new partnership, we will be breaking into Litchfield as well.”

James Noonan, Administrator, C.V.H.R., said, “Our partnership with Respiratory Services, LLC. is extensive. We have developed a comprehensive and on-going respiratory training program for our entire nursing staff, their acute-care licensed respiratory therapists (RTs) will be on staff consulting, accessing and developing patient care plans, and will visit all pulmonology patients on a weekly basis,”

Kenneth Marici, M.D., Medical Director, C.V.H.R. said, “Many hospitals are using AirVo’s high-flow system because it offers the most sophisticated oxygen delivery therapy available. Offering it at Candlewood Valley Health and Rehabilitation will allow us to care for patients with a higher level of respiratory requirements, including those with tracheostomies. Additionally, using this device will lower patient admissions to the hospitals because it will allow patients to be treated for acute respiratory distress in-house.”

“We currently offer care to a wide range of pulmonology patients including those with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonology disease (C.O.P.D.), pneumonia, pulmonology embolism, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, interstitial lung disease, and pulmonology edema. Now we can confidently extend the highest level of care to an even larger net of pulmonary patients,” said Georgia Epting, Admissions Director, C.V.H.R.

Sarah Christopher, R.N., Assistant Director of Nursing, C.V.H.R. said, “We must grow with the times. Over 100,000 tracheostomy procedures are performed in the U.S. each year. Many of these patients are being discharged to skilled nursing facilities that do not have the means to properly progress on weaning. We now have the equipment and staffing in place to properly care for these patients.”

Quality medical care increasingly relies on innovative new technologies. AirVo’s high-flow system is one such example. This device, combined with the strategic collaboration supporting the training of clinical staff and the implementing of best in care practices, will not only increase our facility’s ability to care for a greater number of patients, but it will “increase the quality of life, improve lung function and improve physical ability” of current pulmonology patients, as confirmed by Clinical Trials #NCT02731872, January 2018, clinicaltrials.gov, “Medical Breakthrough in Oxygen Therapy,” May 24, 2022. Sourced by Melissa Marici, Corporate Communications, C.V.H.R.

For more information on Candlewood Valley Health and Rehabilitation, a long-term skilled nursing care facility and short-term rehabilitation center located at 30 Park Lane East, New Milford, CT contact Georgia Epting at 860-355-0971. Services include: respite & hospice care, secure unit memory care, wound care, cardiac rehab, VA-contracted, etc.

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