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New York Yankees, AARP help reunite Candlewood Valley resident with sister

A Special Message from Aaron Boone Manager of the New York Yankees!

A resident at Candlewood Valley Health and Rehabilitation and New York Yankees fan is beaming ear to ear after receiving the surprise of a lifetime.

Melissa Marici with Candlewood Valley says that 90-year-old Alba has been a fan since her brother first took her to see the Yankees play in the Bronx back when she was just a teenager.

Ever since then, she’s been a loyal supporter of the boys in the renown blue and white pinstripes, even through the not-so-good times.

Her love has transcended any hardcore fan, never having missed a single game in all her time as a fan.

Marici said that the last time Alba attended a Yankees home game was with her sister Vera.

On that day in 1999 at Yankee Stadium, Alba and Vera brought with them a touch of luck to former Yankees pitcher and current Yankees broadcaster David Cone, having watched him toss a perfect game back.

Unfortunately, Alba and Vera haven’t seen each other since August of 2020 due to the pandemic.

However, Alba and her sister were provided with an extremely special moment, one neither would surely ever forget, thanks in part to AARP’s Wish of a Lifetime.

Alba and her sister were both given tickets to the New York Yankees game on Sunday.

Marici added that Alba would of course be wearing the jersey of her favorite player, outfielder Aaron Judge.

Not only was she looking forward to seeing her sister once again, but also having a ballpark hotdog with relish.

What she also did not see coming was a surprise video from Yankees skipper Aaron Boone, welcoming her back to the ballpark.

“I just want to officially welcome you back to the stadium. I hope it’s a great day for you and your sister, and I hope you bring us some luck with you there,” Boone said.

While the loss to the division rival Tampa Bay Rays stung, it still couldn’t spoil the moment of being able to see her sister and also sitting and watching her favorite baseball team in-person again.

Just another way the game of baseball has brought people together, even during a pandemic.


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