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Happy 100th Birthday Hazel Alberta Case!

“Candlewood Valley Health & Rehabilitation resident, Hazel Alberta Case, celebrated her 100th birthday on November 2, 2021 with a beautiful and loving family celebration at our facility,” said David Segal, Administrator, Candlewood Valley Health & Rehabilitation (C.V.H.R.).
“Hazel was surrounded by her three daughters: Pamela, Deborah and Gail, along with their spouses, and her sister, Sally, who is seven years her junior. Among the festivities were Hazel’s favorite seafood delicacies such as lobster rolls and shrimp cocktail, flowers, gifts, decorations and music,” said Cindy LaCour, Director, Social Services, C.V.H.R..
“Hazel and her sister Sally are two surviving siblings of four. Like Hazel, Sally lives in a skilled nursing care facility in Connecticut, but since COVID lockdowns, this was the first time they’ve seen each other,” said Hazel’s daughter Deborah.
New Milford Mayor, Pete Bass, made a special visit to presented a Mayoral Proclamation personally to Hazel during her family birthday celebration. He stated, “Hazel is a true gem to all who have had the honor to know and love her. I congratulate her on her 100th birthday and wish her the very best on her special day.”
“In reminiscing about Hazel’s life, her daughters proudly shared stories about their childhood and their mother’s nursing career,” said Melissa Marici, Director Community Outreach, C.V.H.R..
According to the Mayoral Proclamation, Hazel attended Nurses Training after graduating from high school. She was a stay at home mom until 1968 when she went to work as a registered nurse for Dr. Dean Edson. She worked for Dr. Edson for 25 years until his retirement.
Hazel confirms that she was 75 when she retired -but said, “I probably could have just kept working.”
“In addition to work, Hazel loved to play piano and organ. She loved Candlewood Lake where she enjoyed spending time on her boat with her family and friends. She also spent time at the New Milford Senior Center playing Bingo and attending exercise classes,” shared daughter Pamela.
Her daughters shared their mother’s signature way of disciplining them as children. “She had a way of snapping her fingers and pointing which commanded our attention,” said Deborah, “but she was a softy, if she sent me to my room and I didn’t come out she would eventually send up a gingerale and a chocolate covered cherry.”
In addition to her doting daughters, Hazel has two loving step-sons living in California and New Hampshire and has been blessed with four grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.
Asked how it feels to be 100 years old, Hazel said, “I let others do the worrying now. I’m happy.” Asked if she thought she would reach the age of 100, she adds, “No one is more amazed than me!”
For more information on Candlewood Valley Health & Rehabilitation, a 5-Star CMS Rated long-term skilled nursing care facility and short-term rehabilitation center located at 30 Park Lane East, New Milford, CT, contact Georgia Epting: 860-355-0971.

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